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The History of Tyttenhanger House

  • 1326

    The first recorded mention

    The first recorded mention of a manor house being built at Tyttenhanger, by Abbott Richard.

  • 1411

    The second manor house

    The second manor house is built on the site by Abbott John de la Moot (and his unnamed successor) after the first house had been demolished for being too close to the main road to London.

  • 1427

    Deer park

    A deer park is established at the property by Abbott William.

  • 1543

    King Henry VIII

    King Henry VIII grants the manor and park to Nicholas Briscowe, and then in 1547 to Sir Thomas Pope. Previously Henry VIII had stayed at Tyttenhanger for two weeks to escape an epidemic of “sweating sickness” in London.

  • 1559

    The manor house

    The manor house passes to the Blounts.

  • 1654

    The medieval manor

    The medieval manor house is demolished.

  • 1655

    The current mansion

    The current mansion house is built on the same location by Henry Blount with the architect Peter Mills - parts of the basement are believed to date back to the previous manor house.

  • 1757

    The Yorke family

    The mansion house passes to the Yorke family (the Earls of Hardwick).

  • 1834

    The Earls of Caledon

    The mansion house passes to the Earls of Caledon whose family line, including Lady Jane Van Koughnet, daughter of the 4th Earl of Caledon, occupy the house until the 1970’s.

  • 1973

    John Bonnington

    The mansion house is purchased by the renowned architect John Bonnington and much of the property is sensitively converted into offices.

  • 2018

    Barhale Properties Buy Tyttenhanger

    The mansion house is purchased by Barhale Properties. Barhale’s Founder and Chairman, Dennis Curran states, “Our desire is to see Tyttenhanger Park sympathetically restored to its previous splendour whilst also securing its sustainable future for generations to come.”

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